Excess Deposit Bond


EDB is a single-policy solution to protect the depositors of financial institutions in excess of FDIC limits. With Excess Deposit Bonds financial institutions can attract and retain larger deposits while providing peace of mind to their key accounts and customers.

EDB is a cost-effective means to provide depositors with coverage that is over and above what is provided by the FDIC. EDB can be provided for all account and depositor types and puts the depositor in complete control of their excess deposit coverage.

Key Coverage Features

  • Helps to attract larger deposits
  • Complies with state regulations
  • Avoids pledging securities

Benefits for the Financial Institution

  • Brief application and financial review for acceptability
  • Easy to use form to schedule depositors and make changes
  • Premiums calculated on limits used, NOT on limits available
  • Generally more cost effective than brokered deposits

Benefits for the Depositor

  • Maintains insured status and the right to file a claim
  • Certificate of insurance issued in the depositors’ name
  • Certificate is non-cancellable during bond period
  • Depositor notified of impending expirations and availability of a replacement bond

Please Note: The above coverage descriptions are provided for educational and informational purposes only. Please refer to your contract for terms and conditions specific to your company. All coverage options are subject to underwriting guidelines.

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