Blanket Mortgage Protection



Is keeping track of your mortgagor's hazard insurance coverage costing you a lot of time, effort and expense? Matterhorn's Mortgage Protection program requires only that you confirm adequate mortgagor insurance coverage at loan closing. There is no need thereafter to track the mortgagor's insurance coverage, or to react to known lapses, non-renewals or cancellations of mortgagor coverage.

All real-estate secured loans, including first mortgages, second mortgages, home equity lines of credit and commercial mortgages qualify for coverage.

Our Mortgage Protection program protects your mortgage portfolio against:

  • Property Loss perils "required" in the loan documents.
  • Additional perils not required in the loan documents, and not normally included in most personal or commercial property policies purchased by borrowers (flood and collapse, for example).
Errors and omissions liability coverage for a number of loan servicing activities.

Blanket Mortgage Hazard Application pdf

Blanket Mortgage Impairment Application pdf


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